• Homecoming 2021


    Congratulations to the 2021 finalists:

    Freshmen Baroness: Charlee Bruner, Chloe Sellers, Sophia Wesselmann

    Sophomore Duchess: Aiyanna Chappelear, Kaitlyn McGee, Keely Todd, Jahniya Trice

    Junior Prince: Braydon Crawford, JuJuan Perkins

    Junior Princess: Mackenzie Cronon, Sinai Moreno, Skye Phillips

    Senior King: Mason Barker, Enzo Hines, Christian White

    Senior Queen: Malana Chicosz, Lily Clayton, Keely West


    Finalist Round Homecoming Voting: Click HERE

    Finalists voting will start on 9/14 at 8:30 a.m. and conclude on 9/16 at 8:30 p.m.

    You will need to log in to vote: studentID#@paulding.k12.ga.us followed by your password. Example: 12345@paulding.k12.ga.us, enter password


    Homecoming Week Theme Days:

    Monday, 9/13- Twin Day

    Tuesday, 9/14- Decades Day

    Wednesday, 9/15- Icon/Celebrity Day

    Friday, 9/17- Spirit Colors

    *Freshmen (White), Sophomores (Red), Juniors (Blue), Seniors (Black)


    1st annual Mr. and Mrs. Homecoming: Vote for two PCHS teachers that demonstrate school spirit! Click HERE to cast your ballot.


    Homecoming pregame ceremony 9/17 followed by Varsity Football Game!


    Homecoming parade 9/16:

    Parade in downtown Dallas at 6 p.m. (starts at Dallas Elementary School)

    Teams/Clubs sign up HERE


    Homecoming questions? Email Mr. Goodison at mgoodison@paulding.k12.ga.us



     202 Court



    PC Homecoming Queens 1969-

    Debra Sue Cunningham 1969-1970

    Janet Rakestraw 1970-71

    Melody Harper 1971-72

    Karen Ferguson 1972-73

    Marie Mauldin Bell 1973-74

    Donna Massey 1974-75

    Gloria Steele 1975-76

    Charlene Camp 1976-77

    Venetia Rainwater 1977-78

    Barbara Jo Panter 1978-79

    Dawn Morris 1979-80

    Tonya Payne 1980-81

    Mechelle Rodgers 1981-82

    Sandra Luttrell 1982-83

    Sherri Cole 1983-84

    Laurie Arnold 1984-85

    Kelli Barron 1985-86

    Carol Angel 1986-87

    Lisa Smith 1987-88

    Dana Battle 1988-89

    Stefanie Findley 1989-90

    Christy Clay 1990-91

    Amanda Edwards 1991-92

    Amy Fields 1992-93

    Sonja Moss 1993-94

    Mandy Rogers 1994-95

    Katie Griffin 1995-96

    Kim Williams 1996-97

    Hannah Ralston 1997-98

    Samantha Hembree 1998-99

    Cassie Ferguson 1999-00

    Anna Perry 2000-01

    Ashley Mauldin 2001-02

    Amy Huff 2002-03

    Ashley Wiley 2003-04

    Stacey Curl 2004-05 

    Alicia Atcheson 2005-06

    Lauren Black 2006-07

    Tam Tran 2007-08

    Shay Rowland 2008-09

    Michelle Cochran 2009-10

    Kayla Stamey 2010-11

    Vanessa Stewart 2011-12

    Raycole Flowers 2012-13

    April Almonte 2013-14

    Kori Peterson 2014-15

    Ebony Lamb 2015-16

    Gabby Stewart 2016-17

    Kaia Fumbah 2017-18

    Tianna Dawson 2018-19

    Jordan Perez 2019-20

    Ashlan Phillips 2020-21