Class of 2023

  •  Important Reminders for the Class of 2023 

    • Next Senior Meeting: Thursday, March 30th at 10:15 am in the auditorium
      • Please report to your 2nd period class and you will be called down at reporting time.
    • Senior Dues
      • $85 Nov. 2nd through Feb. 28th
      • Senior dues do NOT include your cap and gown.
      • Senior dues cover graduation costs including sound system, emergency personnel, decorations, senior t-shirt, senior picnic, senior breakfast, and other related costs.
      • Senior dues can be paid on Revtrak by clicking here
    • Graduation 
      • Graduation: Saturday, May 27th at 8 am
      • If you have not already ordered, you still have time left! Order Caps and Gowns with QR Code (located below) by Friday, February 3rd so that you have it in time for graduation! 
      • You can order Senior Apparel, Graduation Invitations, and Thank You Cards with this link, also.
      • You must do the following in order to keep up with your grades:
        • Make sure that you are passing all of your classes
        • Know what classes you need to take in order to graduate
        • Know how many correct credits you have (23 specific credits)
        • Don't wait until the last minute to make the effort or take your time. 
        • If you have any questions or need any help, see Ms. DJM, Mr. Jordan, and/or Mrs. Leatherwood so that we can support you!! Do not wait!!
      • You must order a BLUE GOWN. When you hit 'Honors Status' (89.5 weighted numerical GPA) you will automatically be replaced with a WHITE GOWN.
      • You can have your Honors WHITE GOWN taken back up until Graduation Day and turned back to a BLUE GOWN if you do not keep an 'Honors Status'.
      • At this time, general graduation seating is unlimited (first come, first serve basis). Honors seating is 6 tickets per Honors graduate for track seating. If this changes, we will make an announcement. 
    Senior/Junior Prom
    - When: Friday, April 14, 2023 (6:30 pm-10:30 pm)
    - Where: College Hall of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia
    -Visit the prom website page for more information.
    -Senior recognition ad pages are available for purchase: Click HERE
    - For information on how to order senior recognition ads, click HERE
    -Senior yearbook quotes can be submitted HERE
    qr 2
    Cap and Gown ordering:
    Orders for Cap and Gown, Senior Apparel, and Invitation Orders
    Parking Pass
    Senior Yearbook Ads
    Senior Yearbook Ads (Due Nov. 30th)
    12th Grade Administrator: Ms. DeJohn-Mathis,
    12th Grade Counselor: Ms. Leatherwood,
    12th Grade Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Goodison,
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