• Vocabulary Sentences:


    1 Again, within reason: I may view my less-than-200 IQ as a mental  _________  to be fixed but, again, that simply may not be possible.


    2 For three years and a half he held his own and issued coins in the name of Simon, which _________ the liberation of Jerusalem.


    3 A closed stove acts mainly by convection; though when heated to a high temperature it gives out  _________  heat.

    4 "Much as I _________  the man, we shouldn't jump to conclusions just because I find him disgusting." Cynthia said.

    5 Since the sides of the pit consist of loose sand they afford an insecure foothold to any small insect that  _________  ventures over the edge.

    6 Though I  _________  getting back to a city, business calls and I respond.

    9 Dinner and a movie did nothing for his  _________  mood - except maybe make it worse.
    11 The water is so crystal clear that one _________  steps into it.

    12 In this character she pursues with  _________  hatred the heroines who had caused her pain.

    13 A diminished supply of water at the root is requisite, so as to check energy of growth, or rather to  _________  it from leaf-making.

    16 Martha sat at her cereal bowl—oatmeal, an unseasonable but favorite treat—eating slowly, red-eyed and  _________ , her new suitcase next to her chair.

    17 This was built to _________  a victory over the Quadi and Marcomanni, by the Roman emperor Severus (A.D.

    18 Maybe the job requires athletic ability or beauty or  _________  or diplomacy or trustworthiness or loyalty or kindness or cheerfulness.

    19 But neither earthquakes nor the plague, to which it was also peculiarly liable, could  _________  trade and prosperity from it.


    20 "Vereshchagin is a renegade and a traitor who will be punished as he deserves," said he with the  _________  heat with which people speak when recalling an insult.


    21 Kiera looked at Evelyn, astonished by her brutal,  _________  words.


    24 The state of  _________  dislike which followed was after a while succeeded by more active evidences of hostility.


    26 I imagine if there are aliens, they've been  _________  for a reason.

    27 Dusty's  _________  was on his face- he felt very strongly that their actions were wrong.

    28 She is a very  _________  young woman and you always liked her, but now suddenly you have got some notion or other in your head.

    29 He had another _________  besides the want of popular power.


    30 And giving her no further reply, he began thinking of the glad  _________  moment when he would meet Kuragin, who he knew was now in the army, and right the many wrongs.

    32 He specializes in  _________ , highly contained domestic counter insurgency and counterterrorism operations.