•  May 15-19th, 2017
    Monday- Take Math Inventory Assessment in the computer lab. Students completed the study guide for the test tomorrow on Friday. Please study!
    Tuesday- Test
    Wednesday- Friday: reviewing adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions.
    FYI- Science test tomorrow! Please click the following link to see review.  PowerPoint Review 
    May 8-12th, 2017
    We are almost at the end of the year. Just a few important things to remember in my math class.
    We are going over adding and subtracting integers and solving basic two step equations. (This is previewing 7th and a few things old from 6th grade.)
    Monday- Adding integers (number line and basketball method)
    Tuesday- 10 question quiz on adding integers; subtracting integers (both two methods)
    Wednesday- 10 question quiz on subtracting integers; practice mixed for both adding and subtracting integers
    Thursday-Friday- one and two step solving equations; quiz on Friday
    May 15th-Monday- Review
    May 16th TEST (our final test for the year and we are done with assessments) 
    April 10th-14th, 2017
     Review for Milestones begins so at the beginning of class every day we will do three review problems.  I am collecting these and keeping them in my room so kids don't misplace it. This will also be a grade. If students are absent they should come in during homeroom and do the ones they miss. 
    Monday-Tuesday: review for Unit 7 test in class
    Wednesday: Unit 7 Test
    Thursday-Friday: Review Geometry unit for Milestones
    March 27-31st, 2017
    Monday- Work on distance between two points using absolute value and counting.
    Tuesday- Worked on graphing polygons and finding perimeter and area.
    Wednesday- Worked on reflection of a polygon over the x and y axis.
    Thursday-Friday - Working on applying the entire Unit 7 to different word problem/situations.
    *homework all week is to study and complete unfinished classwork
    *quiz Thursday
    Test will be Wednesday after the break April 12th. 
    March 20th-24th
    Parent Conference Week (1 hour early release)
    Monday/Tuesday: online practice with previous standards
    HOMEWORK FOR THE WEEK: students received a sheet. Monday #1-4, Tuesday #5-6, Wednesday #7-8, Thursday #9. They should show work on a piece of paper for the fractions that need to be turning into decimals. No using calculators!
    March 13th-16th, 2017
    NEXT WEEK is early release due to parent conference.
    Monday: Students reviewed for test on Tuesday. Study guide should be complete at this point. It must be turned in Tuesday for their work habits grade. If a student just has answers this will not be sufficient for certain problems. 
    Tuesday: TEST
    Wednesday/Thursday: Students will be working with vertical and horizontal numbers lines related to whole numbers, fractions, decimals (positive and negative). They will also focus on the understanding that a number and it's opposite give you zero. Ex: -5 + 5=0
    *If a group has not finished their projects from last week they will need to complete it by Tuesday the 14th.
    March 6th -10th, 2017
    Box and Whisker Plot quiz Tuesday! 
    Monday- Wednesday: Students will have warms ups designed to help them analyze questions related to dot plots, histograms, and box and whisker plots. In class they are placed in groups in which they have a statistical questions and data. They must create all three graphs, create three challenge questions for each graph, and then answer each question thoroughly.
    Thursday/Friday: Constructive Response and station work to review for test
    TEST On March 14th (next Tuesday) 
    February 27th -March 3rd
    Monday-Tuesday: frequency tables and histograms. We reviewed mean, median, mode, and range. There will be a short quiz on this Tuesday. Make sure you have your calculators. HW: study for quiz
    Wednesday: activity to teach box and whisker plot. 
    Thursday-Friday: Practice box and whisker plots and then Friday short quiz.
     HOMEWORK ONLINE: starts 2/28-3/3 Due Friday this week. It is over what we are learning in class on Wednesday-Friday. I recommend if you start early to read the lesson part of the book. 
    February 13- Feb17
     "Lesson 28:Statistical Questions" is the title of homework this week on the on-line coach book. It is due Friday
    This week we will be starting our data unit.
    Monday- class survey, vocab, and beginning dot plot
    Tuesday- dot plot
    Wednesday-Friday - Measure of center (mean, median, mode, range)
    *due to social studies and science tests this week we will take a class work grade verses a quiz.  
    January 30th- Feb 3rd, 2017
    Homework -One assignment online over volume.
    Monday- Took Surface Area quiz and began working with volume using cubes
    Tuesday- Continue to work on volume with cubes and show how fractional edge lengths affect volume. (using sugar cubes)
    Wednesday- Surface Area Performance Task
    Thursday-Friday: Volume Word Problems and practice
     UNIT TEST FEBRUARY 8TH (over area, decomposing and composing, surface area of three dimensional shapes, and volume of rectangular prisms) 
    January 23rd-27th, 2017
    Coach Book
    HOMEWORK IS NOW ONLINE-all students have been  given log in information and a piece of paper they need to sign and return.
    This week there are two assignments!
    Monday-review number and operations with practice sheet of dividing fractions, decimals, and long division. (must do 10 out of 20)
    Tuesday- Signed sheets of Coach book due today! Working on nets of three dimensional shapes on a grid and finding surface area
    Wednesday- Finding surface area using formulas. Students are walked through step by step on finding area of faces and then total area which is called surface area.
    Thursday-Friday- Class sheet with three dimensional shapes and finding surface area. Some word problems, some three dimensional shapes, and some are nets to find surface area.
    Quiz following Monday

    January 17-20th, 2017
    Tuesday: Continue to work on decomposing and composing figures. Gave students 15 minutes to finish last Friday's sheet and then they began working on more problems with similar practice. Students must write formula, show substitution, and then label their answer correctly. Homework is to finish problem #14, 15
    Wednesday: Continue with same decomposing and composing figures. Some students will present, some will need help with missed work, etc. Complete sheet if not done in class. Review for quiz on Friday!
    Thursday: Math Inventory day in computer lab (they can no prepare) * study for quiz
    Friday: Complete Math Inventory / Take quiz.  
    January 11-13th, 2017
    Wednesday: worked on using formulas to find area of rectangles, squares, triangles, parallelograms, and trapezoids. Each student was given a formula sheet to glue into their notebook. Formulas Then we worked on examples for students to reference. Classwork (blank) Homework: # 1-4, 11 & 12 (sheet copied and gave to them)
    Thursday: Triangle Warm Up So students can practice more on how to find area of triangles. Students will work with word problems finding area. Word Problem Class Work. Homework : # 5-7, 13 & 14
    Friday: Begin to work on decomposing and composing polygons into basic shapes to find area. Decomposing and Composing  (we will continue with this on Tuesday) 
    January 5th and 6th, 2017
    Unit Test is February 2nd 
    Welcome back! I am so glad to see each and every one of my students!
    January 5th: We worked on using tangrams. We used the square tangram and labeled it as 1unit squared and determine the rest of the shapes area based on the square. This is a fun activity to get students looking at area. Homework is a worksheet with word problems that reviews elementary standards on perimeter and area.
    Jan 5 notes Just a few things to remember from last year.
    January 6th: We will work on using grid paper to look at finding area. We are beginning to develop the understanding that a triangle is half of the base times height.
    December 12th-16th
    Monday: In class we have gone over our quiz from Friday and students have made corrections, then they completed a independent and dependent task sheet.  If they did not complete please have them finish and turn it in by Wednesday. 
    Tuesday-Thursday: review in class a variety of ways. Study for test on Friday!
    Friday: test! 
    Monday: Students received their quizzes from Friday back. We did corrections. If not completed this is for homework. This will be part of their study guide for test. 
       We began with notes on Independent and Dependent Variables. (See student Notes)
    Tuesday: Students will identify independent and dependent and create tables and identify constant of proportionality
    Wednesday: Graph tables and write equations
    Thursday-Friday: Bring everything together practice
     HOMEWORK SHEET *check back Tuesday 
    Potential quiz Thursday/Friday! 
    NOVEMBER 28-December 2nd
    Students have a homework sheet for this week. It is part 2 of the study guide. If students create flash cards with the homework sheets and turn it in on December 16th day of test I will give them 5 points. They should make the flashcards after we check them in class. (we do this at the beginning together on the board)
    Monday-How to write an inequality from a word phrase
    Tuesday- How to solve an inequality and then determine some possible answers.
    Wednesday/Thursday- How to graph an inequality and bringing it full circle by applying everything we learned this week together.
    Friday- Quiz over equation and inequality 
    Unit 4 test is still on December 16th
    NOVEMBER 14-18TH
    *Homework sheet will come home Tuesday and due Friday! 
    Monday: Looping test over Unit 1-doesn't count against student in grade book but just looking to see what they have retained.
    Tuesday/Wednesday: Adding and subtracting equations basic and with word problems.
    Thursday/Friday: Multiplying/Dividing equations basic and word problems. Expect quiz here over the week.  
    *When I say basic this means raw problems but showing modeling and using inverse operations.  
    Monday-reviewed for test. Broke into groups and worked on translating expressions and order of operations, and then reviewed the material together.
    Unit 3 part A test: review translating expressions, order of operations, substitution, exponents. HW: Monday and Tuesday night
    Tuesday: no school 
    Wednesday: Take Unit 3 part A test (HW: Wednesday night)
    Thursday: review in class. Review that night distributive property, labeling algebraic expressions (coefficient, exponent, terms, variable, and constant), combining like terms, properties (purple foldable). HW: Thursday night)
    Friday : Take Unit 3 Part B test  
    October 31st- November 4th
    * Homework is the green sheet. It is part two of the study guide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    Monday: Went over writing algebraic expressions and then using substitution to evaluate. substitution classwork 
    Tuesday: Continue with substitution
    Wednesday: Properties (associative, commutative, identity, distributive properties with variables)
    Thursday-Friday: Combining like terms with the distributive property
     TEST ON 11/9 and 11/11
    October 24th-28th
    TEST over Unit 3: November 9th and 11th
    HOMEWORK: is a green sheet that has four problems each night. There is a front and back and it is also the study guide for the test this unit.  
    Monday: went over translating algebraic expressions Classwork , expect quiz any time this week. 
    Tuesday: Exponents
    Wednesday & Thursday: Order of Operations with exponents
    Friday: Substitution 
    Online textbook (students should have log in)
     Common Core Coach Book (purple with a bridge)
    Lesson 17-20 are great resources!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    October 17th-21st

    Monday: went over study guide. study guide 1study guide 2

    Tuesday: Test over proportions, ratio, and rates

    Wednesday- Friday: being Unit 3 over expressions. We go over writing expressions , key words, solving expressions, and substitution. (I will send remind’s over the notes these days since most of this is new. )

    October 10-14th
    Conference Week
    Monday: quiz and begin working on proportional tables and graphs
    Tuesday: work on tables and graphs.  NOTESTable Notes and KHW: complete classwork!
     Wednesday-Friday: Finding percents of numbers using proportions!
    September 19th-23rd

    Ratio, rate, and Unit Rate.

    *homework sheets for nightly practice

    Constructive Response Project due Friday

    Monday: Ratio activity with Smarties- How to write a ratio three different ways.

    Tuesday: Rate and Unit Rate graphic organizer with questions

    Wednesday: Writing and apply a unit rate (sheet)

    Thursday: Let’s make a Deal applying unit rate

    Friday: Quiz over unit rate as well as Carnival activity. 

     Week of September 12-16th

    September 12th Monday: students worked on modeling fractions, common denominators, and adding the reciprocal algorithm method. Please see notes/ example from class about Joe making a recipe with cinnamon. Students then practiced two problems. They could pick two of the three ways to do the problems. If they did not complete classwork that is their homework as well as a sheet with equivalent fraction practice.

    September 13th Tuesday: Review for test on Thursday! Distributive property and dividing fractions.

    September 14th Wednesday: EARLY RELEASE- teach how to do a constructive response problem.

    September 15th Thursday: TEST
    September 16th Friday: Begin teaching ratios!


    This is the online textbook! 
    Username: SMMS-(your student ID number
    Password: ID number 

    SEPTEMBER 6-9, 2016   

    Tuesday: We worked on understanding basic concept of how to model dividing fractions. We are focusing that we are putting the second number into groups and identifying how many groups were formed. Homework is to finish the front page of classwork.
    Wednesday: Continuing with modeling with basic numbers and circling to place into groups. Homework is complete the page with model drawing!!!!
    Thursday: Begin to work with drawing and understanding that common denominators is another way to divide fractions. Homework: complete classwork 
    Friday: Teach short trick of Keep it, Change it, Flip it with reciprocal to find the solution. Ex: 5/6 divided by 2 is the same as multiplying by a half.

    Test over distributive property and dividing fractions will be 9/14/2016.


    August 29th-September 2nd

    Monday: students were retaught the 4 most missed problems from the test by using similar word problems. We underlined key facts and reasoned about how to solve the problems without really using the words multiples or factors. (a lot times students get hung up on the term of what they are to do instead of trying to rationally find an answer. A lot of the problems could be solved by drawings.) After re-teaching they had an opportunity to make corrections independently. I will reward ½ credit for problems they were independently able to correct.

    Tuesday/Wednesday: Work on distributive property; example 30 + 40 = 10 (3 + 4)

    Thursday: Universal screener in math online

    Friday: dividing fractions with model drawing

    *Homework sheet (3 problems each day for this week)

    August 22-26, 2016
    Monday: Students will receive their homework quizzes back today. On Friday we had time to begin adding and subtracting decimals. We will continue this skill today with word problem (multi-step). Homework sheet will go home today. I only put one week on it since we have a test Friday and this sheet is a good review for Friday. They need to reviewing old quizzes as well as old classwork. Monday night homework is on the homework sheet.
    Tuesday/Wednesday: We will work on multiplying and dividing decimals. Please have your students keep practicing their basic facts. 
    Thursday: Review
    Friday: Unit 1 test over: LCM and GCF, long division, and adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals. 
    August 15-19, 2016
    Monday I will give back quizzes from last week. (***If your child has less than a 70% please review the difference between GCF "factors" and LCM "multiples". Also many students cannot list all the factors because they do not know their multiplication facts up to 12. This is an expectation when entering 6th grade so we do not spend time reviewing these, so please have your student practice at home 5-10 minutes each night on this please. )
    We will begin working on long division this week. We will be using standard methods. (no tricks) Students received a graphic organizer to help them follow steps. See attached: Long Division Graphic Organizer
    Tuesday : Continue with long division (Ticket out the door to determine where each student has progressed.
    Wednesday: Word problems with long division
     Thursday: Word problems with long division. Quiz over long division.
    Friday: Review and also take HOMEWORK QUIZ. (This is over the last two weeks of homework. I do not assess the material that is not taught. Only what we have gone over in our class. Ex: subtracting decimals is just for me to see what people remember from last year but until next week when we learn this I will not quiz on it.)
    -HOMEWORK SHEET was given on 8/5/2016. If for any reason your child looses the sheet they need to come to me to get another one as soon as possible. This sheet has two weeks worth of homework. 
    August 8-12, 2016
    Monday:  word problems with LCM LCM Student Sheet, LCM answer sheet
    Tuesday : word problems with GCF GCF Student Sheet, GCF answer sheet
    Wednesday/Thursday: review with LCM and GCF GCF and LCM Part 1, GCF and LCM part 2
    Friday: Quiz over LCM and GCF
    -HOMEWORK SHEET was given on 8/5/2016. If for any reason your child looses the sheet they need to come to me to get another one as soon as possible. This sheet has two weeks worth of homework. 
    Hello Parents and Students!
    If you have already not signed up for REMINDS please do so. Text 81010 and in the message section type @k4kc4  
    I will only use REMIND for upcoming tests and projects. I will not use it for quizzes and small things. The best way to keep up to date on smaller stuff is the website as well as your student writing in their agenda.
    Today, August 2, students received a syllabus. Please read and sign on the back and return it with your student tomorrow. 6th Grade Syllabus
    We have spent a lot of time going over other student's names in class. I want your child to feel a sense of belonging in my class and have others refer to them by their name. It has been really fun getting to know each one of my students!
    August 3rd we will go over supplies again and answer any more questions students have. Students will turn in signed syllabus.
    August 4th I will take our class to the computer lab and help them get signed up for USA Test Prep.
    August 5th students will take a pretest on USA Test Prep. I will also give them their homework sheet for the following two weeks. We will begin math instruction on the following Monday, August 8th!