• March 6-10
    Triand- Reading/Writing Analysis 7 is posted under Assignments and Files.  This assignment is to be done Tuesday night and Thursday night.  
    IXL- New usernames and passwords were given today.  Assignments are under 8th grade.  All assignments are due Friday.
    If you did not complete the Milestone Simulation from last week, you may come in tomorrow or Wednesday at 7:45 to complete this assignment. 
    February 27-March 3
    No Triand Homework - WOW!
    No IXL Homework - WOW! 
    Working all week on Milestone Writing- CRQs and INFORMATIONAL ESSAY 
    February 13-17
    Week at a glance:
    Continuing work on 'The Highwayman' and poetry terms/sound devices.
    IXL- 8th Grade, 3 sections assigned.  Due by Wednesday!
    Triand- NO ASSIGNMENT this week
    Google Classroom- We will be taking a Milestone Simulated Test in the computer lab on the Google Classroom either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on which class period you have ELA.  We will block classes for this test.  It will be a summative grade.  The test will include Poetry Analysis, Selected Response, Constructed Response writing questions and a Narrative Writing question. 
    January 30-Feb 3
     Here is the week at a glance:
    IXL- is not assigned for this week!
    Triand- needs to be submitted Tuesday night and Thursday night
    *We will not have time in class to do our normal discussion groups before the retake of the test, so I will be coming in at 7:45 on Wednesday      and Thursday mornings to facilitate these group discussions.  Feel free to come in for one or both!
    Google Classroom- There is a Plot Analysis for the story "The Ransom of Red Chief" assigned in the classroom.  This is due to be completed by Sunday Feb 5th    
    Google Classroom- The movie for "The Ransom of Red Chief" must be viewed prior to taking the test on Friday.
    Writing- The Narrative Writing Assessment will be Thursday during class.
    Literature- Test over all short stories (and movie comparison) will be this Friday. 
    January 23-27
    Plot Analysis assignment due date has changed.  this will not be due until next Friday! 
    Here is your week at a glance.  
    -IXL work on Formatting and Punctuating Dialogue is due by WEDNESDAY, but I highly recommend getting it done MONDAY night as you have other assignments due this week as well.  Link to the sign in page is  https://www.ixl.com/membership/ copy and paste if it won't let you click.
    -Triand Analysis Test 3 is posted under Assignments and Files to your right.  First attempt is to be done TUESDAY night, and final attempt THURSDAY night.  If you do not do first attempt, you will not be able to work with your classmates to analyze the test on Wednesday and Thursday in class.  
    -Literature this week is the short story "The Ransom of Red Chief."  This story can be found on my website and also on the Google Classroom.  You have an assignment in the Google Classroom to complete a Plot Analysis of the story.  This assignment is due by SUNDAY night.   
    Google Classroom - Text Based Questions for 'Lamb to the Slaughter' are due at or before midnight on Sunday, January 15th.
    Reading/Writing Analysis 2 is posted under 'Assignments and Files' and the first draft is due Wednesday, January 18th.