We are super excited to begin our 13th year here at McClure and we are extremely proud of our Physical Education Department.  We pride ourselves on that fact that our students are active every day involved in either physical fitness or team sports.  Our dress out rate is about 98% for the approximate 1250 students we see a day.  We have five teachers in the gym (two female, three male) and we teach six classes a day (two per grade level).  The list below is a sample of just some of the activities we will participate in on a regular basis.


    The following activities might be utilized on Fitness Days:

    Walk/Jog Increments

    20 minute Jog


    Fitness Videos

    Line Dancing/Aerobics

    Cardio Kickball

    Four Square Volleyball


    Team Sports might include:

    Capture the Flag


    Ultimate Frisbee


    Flag Football

    Frisbee Golf



    Kan-Jam (Frisbee)





    Dressing out and participating everyday will ensure that your grade is what you want it to be.  Thanks for your support!!