• Review for test

    Posted by Carla Liming on 9/19/2016

    Today we got the study guide for the test on Wednesday.  This covered all that we have reviewed since the beginning of the year.  We also practiced in small groups many of the grammar concepts. There is homework tonight that will also practice the grammar concepts. 

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  • Quizlet live

    Posted by Carla Liming on 8/25/2016

    Tomorrow we have a quiz on Questions, the verb estar and locations, and numbers.  Today we went over all the concepts and the students seemed ready for the quiz.  Then we started playing quizlet live to prepare for the quiz.  The students seemed to really enjoy this.  Some of the students are very competetive.  It was a joy to see them working so hard to remember their Spanish.  I loved their enthusiasm. 

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  • Chapter 2 review continued

    Posted by Carla Liming on 8/22/2016

    This week we are continuing to review what we learned last year.  This week we are concentrating on questions, the verb estar (to be used when discussing location, health, and how you feel), and numbers from 0 - infinity.  The students have demonstrated that they remember quite a lot of material we covered last year. We have homework almost every night. This homework should only take about 10-15 minutes because much of it is simply what we covered last year.  I am giving them homework grades this year based on the average of all the homework they did during the week.  Please encourage your student to study and do their homework each night. 

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