• Welcome back to school! 

    I am so excited to be at Moses this year, and ready to get a new school year started! Watch the video below for a quick introduction. 



    And here's a little more about me:

    When I was in seventh grade, I was sure I wanted to be a doctor. I was even enrolled in a Latin class through Duke University to help me start preparing. Of course, since it was a real college course, done through the mail, I had no idea how to organize my time or follow the course syllabus. After middle school, at some point, I changed my mind about medical school, as I was not a terribly focused student. It was at this same time that I fell in love with playing the viola and classical music. So... I went to college originally as a music education major, with a viola performance scholarship. I still play from time to time, and sometimes participate with a community orchestra; but once again, I decided that wasn't really the path for me. I ended up with a degree in Psychology with an emphasis on child development. I did know, finally, that I definitely wanted to work with kids.

    Then, I got married, and we moved to a new state. So I took a rather long break from the classroom. I had two girls, and got to stay home with each of them for a while when they were little. I also worked at a couple gymnastics centers, a daycare, and had a home daycare program at this time. Then, when my youngest daughter was 3, I decided to go back to school for a Master's degree in Elementary Education (K-8). I have been teaching since 2007, with 4 years in 2nd grade, 6 years in 4th grade, 3 years in 7th grade, and this will be my first year in 8th. I am very excited to be teaching both ELA and Social Studies, as I love both subjects (though I did not like Social Studies much as a student). 

    My girls are now 21 and almost 19. Both of them went to Moses, and loved their time here. Kelsey, my 21-year-old, has a moderate intellectual disability; so she is still in high school (though she will be graduating this year). She will never learn to drive, and will likely live with me or her sister for most of her life. She participates in several Special Olympic sports, and is a very social person. Madeleine will be a sophomore at Kennesaw State University this fall. She is currently an Environmental Science major, and is considering medical school. She has also recently decided to transfer to UGA in the spring. 

    I also have two dogs, Sully and Willow. They are both rescues from Paulding Animal Control, and I love spending time with them. Willow also keeps me active because she has so much energy herself. Beyond time with the dogs, I love camping and being outside. I also love reading, playing video games like Zelda or Kingdom Hearts, and spending an afternoon just watching shows on Netflix. This summer, we watched most of Grey's Anatomy, and started The 100. 


    Here is the SUPPLY LIST for 8th Grade SS/Georgia Studies.


    And lastly, if you would like to request a schedule change (for in-person classes), please click on the link here:  https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=6xNNCmZacEqS8TktbtujqlCfRZU8b2RIjNLbV9VbKIVUODVTVjdIVFZIVFBYMEJNUFBVMldEOUZKVi4u