•     Señora Liming's Introductory Spanish class 

    6th Grade  

    Spain Flag   Mexico flag


    Welcome (Bienvenidos) to Introductory Spanish.  This year we will begin the journey of becoming Spanish speakers.  We will learn new vocabulary, explore exciting cultures, and partake in Spanish conversations about a variety of subjects.  This class will teach the basics of Spanish conversation concentrating on introducing yourselves, learning about Latin American culture and geography, talking about school supplies, talking about clothing, and talking about the animals and body parts.

Grading System

  • In 6th grade Introductory Spanish, there are two grading categories. Formative grades are worth 40% and Summative grades are worth 60%.  Formative grades will be activities such as classwork, conversations, and quizzes.  Summative grades will be major tests and projects.