Welcome to our Physical Science Homepage.
    Please note I use this website as a support system all year long.
    If you ever need to review notes, see reminds that you missed, get some extra help, watch an instructional video or get project help this site is a great resource.
    Students can access additonal resources on this page, please remeber Canvas is our primary work and contact resource.
    Additional Helpful Information
    Needed Supplies:
    1: Composition Notebook (you may need more as the year progresses)
        3 ring binder with loose leaf paper
    1: 3 prong 2 pocket folder (some students like multiple folders and keeping each unit seperate, 5 would be
    NICE TO HAVE FOR 2020-2021
    **Individual supplies to keep community use supplies limited**
    Small Handheld Pencil sharpener
    Cap Erasers
    Flat 3 hole punch
    Small stapler
    White out
    Small Pack of Color Pencils
    Multiple color Highlighters 
    Personal Tissues and Handsanitizer