• Welcome to American & British Literature!

    I can't wait to see you in class. We will learn a lot from each other!

    Mrs. Amy Summers: Room 1214 

    1st Block 8:35-10:10 American Literature & Composition with Mrs. McCorvey

    2nd Block: 10:15-11:45 British Literature & Composition

    3rd Block: 11:50-1:50 Planning (PLC 12:11-12:34 - every Thursday & 1st Lunch Duty 11:45-12:08 - every Friday)

    4th Block: 1:55-3:25 American Literature & Composition

    To access daily assignments, click on "calendar". All portfolio pages, due dates, and test reviews are posted there. Utilize this as often as needed! I will update it weekly.

    If you have questions, email me at asummers@paulding.k12.ga.us. *If sending a document from Google Docs, please email me at asummers@northpauldinghighschool.com.* I will respond as quickly as possible. 

    "Show me the potential in every face, in every pair of hands. Show me where two legs may someday walk. May I, as the teacher, point the way clearly. Amen" (Unknown).