• Welcome to Mrs. Loeffler's ​English to Speakers of other Languages classes !


    I serve ESOL students at both North Paulding High School and McClure Middle School

    Please contact me via email any time 


    Daily Schedule
    North Paulding High School
    1st block: Ninth Grade Literature (sheltered)/ESOL
    2nd block: Ninth Grade Literature (sheltered)/ESOL

    2nd block overlap: World Literature (sheltered)/ESOL

    McClure Middle School
    4th period: 7th grade English/Language Arts (sheltered) 
    4th period overlap: 6th grade English/Language Arts (sheltered)
    5th period: 8th grade English/Language Arts (sheltered)  


    To visit my class Canvas pages as a parent, please use the following link for parent access   https://www.paulding.k12.ga.us/Page/28792

    Parents can sign up as an observer on Canvas, the Learning Management System (LMS) used as the preferred electronic delivery and work management system for Paulding County Schools. The delivery of course information and communication with students will be primarily through this platform. Parents will have access to observe your student's class, but only an observer. I use Canvas as my delivery and communication system, so please consider signing up and becoming part of the class. You will need some information from your student (username and password) to link to their account, but they use this every day in my class so they can provide it.