• Algebra II/Advanced Algebra is the culminating course in a sequence of three high school courses designed to ensure career and college readiness. It is designed to prepare students for fourth course options relevant to their career pursuits. High school course content standards are listed by conceptual categories including Number and Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Conceptual categories portray a coherent view of high school mathematics content; a student’s work with functions, for example, crosses a number of traditional course boundaries, potentially up through and including calculus. Standards for Mathematical Practice provide the foundation for instruction and assessment. 

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  • Algebra II: Content

    Unit 1: Quadratics Revisited

    Unit 2: Operations With Polynomials

    Unit 3: Polynomial Functions

    Unit 4: Rational & Radical Relationships

    Unit 5: Exponential & Logarithms

    Unit 6: Mathematical Modeling