• Here are some ways to contact an administrator or counselor:

    *Please note the grade level and areas of support to assist you in directing your inquiry.


    School Phone: 770-505-3700


    Principal: Jaynath Hayes, Ext. 41001

    Special Education Lead: Sarah Glosson, Ext. 41007

    Evaluation & Assessment Coordinator: Teresa Bowles, Ext. 41002 | Science, RI & MI


    Assistant Principals

    6th Grade: Sean Schinella, Ext. 41027 | Social Studies, Assessment, Safety, Operations & Communications

    7th Grade: Kim Silas, Ext. 41029 | Math, Progress Reports & Report Cards, Scheduling

    8th Grade: Tammy Ponder, Ext. 41035 | Language Arts, 504, RTI, Community Partners



    6th Grade: Tamara Vickers, Ext. 41039

    7th Grade: Gina Lowe, Ext. 41006

    8th Grade: Ashley Stockelman, Ext. 41016