• Georgia Standards

    As required by the Quality Basic Education Act of 1985, Georgia must maintain a curriculum that specifies what students are expected to know in each subject and grade. Additionally, the state’s standardized tests must be aligned with that curriculum. 

    The state’s curriculum is a guideline for instruction that helps teachers, students, and parents know what topics must be covered and mastered for a particular course. The curriculum establishes the minimum standards, and does not prohibit systems, schools, or teachers from adding material to it. Some systems may have curricula of their own, but they must include everything that the state requires.

    The Georgia Performance Standards are the result of months of work by teacher teams, state and national experts, and consultants. We looked at national standards from high-performing states such as Michigan, Texas, and North Carolina, and nations such as Japan, and consulted the guidelines of national groups such as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


    To view the Georgia Performance Standards by grade and subject, visit the following site: