Paulding County School District



    State officials urge motorists to be cautious as school resumes and buses board  




    Bus Law


    Because the school bus is an extension of the classroom, we are an integral part of the education of all students within our school district. Safety is our number one priority and is a group effort. Students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and drivers are all assigned responsibility. We value each and every student and will emphasize that by treating each student with dignity and respect. We are committed to providing the safe, consistent, reliable transportation and will strive to continually upgrade our service to students and parents as it becomes possible.


    We transport over 19,000 students and travel over 13,000 miles each day.


    The Paulding County School District uses VersaTrans which provides information about School Bus Stops and a School Locator. Bus stop assignments are determined by primary residential address.


    The School / Bus Stop Locator is available to determine the school of attendance and bus information. Times posted are approximate. Generally, drivers are able to complete their routes according to schedule. However, the bus can be delayed by factors such as mechanical problems, weather, road work, and traffic accidents. Also, drivers are better able to maintain their schedule when students are at their assigned bus stop on time.

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Phone: 770-443-8035   Fax: 770-443-8037

     Regular Education:                             Rhonda Davis      Charlene Major 
     ESEP (Special Education) Routing:      Kathy Rives
      Samantha Maddox: 
  •  Abney Elementary School                  
  • McGarity Elementary School
  • Roberts Elementary School
  • East Paulding Middle School
  • Moses Middle School
  • Ritch Middle School
  •  East Paulding High School
       Sissy Summerville:
    • Baggett Elementary School
    • Hiram Elementary School
    • Hutchens Elementary School
    • Panter Elementary School
    • Austin Middle School
    • Dobbins Middle School
    • Hiram High School
      Shirley Ethridge: 
    • Burnt Hickory Elementary School
    • Northside Elementary School
    • Russom Elementary School
    • Shelton Elementary School
    • McClure Middle School
    • North Paulding High School
      Renee Salvatori: 
    • Allgood Elementary School
    • Dallas Elementary School
    • Poole Elementary School
    • Jones Middle School
    • Paulding County High School
      Cynthia Hydrick: 
    • Dugan Elementary School
    • Nebo Elementary School
    • New Georgia Elementary School
    • Ragsdale Elementary School
    • Union Elementary School
    • Scoggins Middle School
    • South Paulding Middle School
    • South Paulding High School
      Traci Dyches 
       Peggie Clarke
      Terry Kerr 
      Jennifer Baxter 
Each day, we experience extremely high call volume between the hours of 6:45 am – 8:30 am and between 2:15 pm – 5:00 pm