• Hello,

    I am Shawn Hurst.  I am very excited to get this school year started.  I have had a hole in my heart since March 13th when we had to shut the schools down.  I can't wait to see all the precious students who I know are just as excited about starting school.  My heart is in first grade because the love of learning can start here and I absolutely love to see those "ah ha" moments in my students faces.   

    A little about me:  This is my 21st year teaching.  I started out teaching Pre-K and absolutely loved it.  I then had the opportunity to become an Abney Eagle and move up to Kindergarten. I very happy teaching that grade level as well.  But, when first grade came available I found my home and have been in love with this grade level for 11 years now as an Abney Eagle.

    My husband and I live in the North Paulding Community.   My husband, James, works as an ESOL teacher in Polk County.  We have 4 children.  Luke is 23 and married his sweetheart Haley last year.  They live in South Paulding with our two grand dogs.  Lili is 21 and lives in West Palm Beach, FL where she attends Palm Beach Atlantic Beach University.  She is pursuing a degree in dance and theater.  Landon is 13 and Leyton is 11.  They both attend Sammy McClure Middle School.  Landon is into travel baseball and Leyton loves playing softball and taking care of our many animals.  

    We love to travel and spend time on our little "farm" with our two dogs, two cats, and 9 chickens.   


    Hurst Family   Mrs. Hurst


    Luke and Hayley  Queenie