I am so excited to begin our fourth grade learning adventure together. This is my 29th year of teaching elementary school. I have taught 1st-6th grades, and I have had the opportunity to loop with my students several times during my career. I am thrilled to be looping this year with many of my third graders from last year.  We will have new students joining our class too, and I am confident my "loopers" will make those new students feel welcomed!  If you are a part of my class, you will quickly learn that you are a part of my family! We treat each other with respect and acceptance, and we work very hard to show kindness and compassion to everyone.  

    For more information about our classroom, please check out our class website: https://fourthgradetroop.weebly.com/

    More information will be added to our class website soon, including a virtual tour of our classroom. 


    I can't wait to see you very soon!


    Ms. Holbrook 



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