• This information is new for our school this year:



    Dismissal will be earlier than usual M-W of next week and arrangements will need to be made.  Our bus drivers will not drop off students who are 8 years old or younger without a parent present at the stop.  Buses will be leaving at 2:00 p.m.   The Bus Tracker app can be downloaded by following the directions in this link:



    Self-Check and Regulation/Attendance

    Please check your child in the mornings before they come to school for temps and symptoms per the CDC. If your child shows any symptoms, please keep them home. Attendance will be lenient this year. There will be no Attendance Incentives such as Perfect Attendance offered. If your child is out sick, please scan and send either through email or fax.


    Visitors in the Building After Open House

    The County is requesting that no adults other than staff enter the building. This is for the safety of our students and staff. This includes our volunteers, PTA, parents that walk students to class, and those that eat lunch with students. This will not be allowed. We promise to have enough staff on hand to get each student safely to their classroom.


    Car Rider

    For Morning Car Rider, we will not allow for drop offs and walk ups this year. Everyone must remain in their vehicle and wait for staff to unload your child at the entrance. We will be implementing a new traffic flow to bring more cars in off the main road that will wind through the parking lot and back to our double lanes.



    If arriving after 8:00, the student will need to be escorted to the front doors to be signed in.


    Outside Items and Food

    No outside food will be allowed to be brought in. This includes birthday celebrations. Lunchboxes, of course, are allowed but no additional items such as cupcakes and food from restaurants being dropped off. We will also not be accepting items that a child may leave at home to be dropped off throughout the day. Please make sure your child has their belongings before leaving. If a student were to leave a lunchbox at home, we would make sure the student received lunch from the cafeteria.



    Across the school we are working on Social Distancing. At this time, breakfast and lunch will be taken to the classroom for eating. Recess will also operate different this year not to have too many students in one area. Students may not receive outside recess every day. Students will check in with their classroom before reporting to cafeteria to pick up breakfast and return to classroom.


    Labeled Items

    Please make sure your child has a water bottle labeled with their name as water fountains are for bottle filling only.  Jackets, lunchboxes, etc. will need to be labeled as well as parents will not be able to enter to building to look through lost and found items.