• Christina Strella
    8th Grade Physical Science  Teacher
     Hello, I am so excited to be your teacher this year.
    My name is Mrs. Strella, that's Strella like umbrella.  
    A little about me, I am a graduate of UGA and have a BA in History and BS in Education.I have been teaching since 2008 and have taught 8th grade for 10 years!
    My husband Paul works for the Army National Guard as a Blackhawk Pilot. 
    We have two children that we adore.  Our son, Logan, he is very curious and full of energy.Our daughter, Piper, was born early this July and we are over the moon to be spending time with her. 
    We are going to be working and learning together. I believe we are all learners and we will we working hard but it will be worth it!
My graduation at UGA in 2008
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family photo
Ugga the bulldog at Sanford Standium