• EOC is one week away............
     Monday 5-1:  Correlation and Causation; Linear and Exponential Lines of Regression  (For anyone absent, you may get the sheets from me upon your return.)
    Tuesday 5-2:  2nd side of Linear and Exponential sheet; Quadratic Regression
    Wednesday 5-3 and Thursday 5-4:  In the morning, students will take the EOC for Honors Literature.  I am administering the test to a class.  In the afternoon, when the schedule has returned to normal, we will begin review for our algebra EOC.  There is no make-up work for students who miss math class.  Practice for the algebra EOC can be found in abundance on the internet.  Choose sites wisely.  
     Friday 5-5:  Universal Drug Awareness Day--numerous events are scheduled and we do not plan to have a structured math class that day.