• Monday 10/17:  Quiz on substitution and elimination of systems of equations ; begin word problems 
    If you are absent today, go to www.kutasoftware.com -- choose Free Worksheets for Infinite Alg 1 -- choose solving systems of equations and inequalities -- choose word problems --  print and bring to class when you return
    Tuesday 10/18:  Finish word problems ; receive study guide    You will find the study guide attached here if you wish to begin early on it. If you print the study guide and show it to me tomorrow, you get a surprise.   Study Guide  
    Wednesday 10/19:  PSAT in morning ; afternoon classes will go over the study guide  ;  answers to study guide will be posted here at the END OF THE DAY         Study Guide Answers   
    Thursday 10/20:  Test on Unit 2, Part A
    Friday 10/21:  Stained Glass Slope Art Project  ( activity will begin in PACK time this week )