• SMMS Robotics Team

    Posted by Nicola Lees on 5/17/2016

    Congratulations to our uprising team members as they join the North Paulding Ranger Team. The hard work and the extra time each of you put into the team has really paid off. We cannot wait to see the two teams merge and see what you all can accomplish together. Uprising team members Reece Houk, Mathew Stephens, Glen Lewis, Arthur Lynn, and Tripp Weaver.



    Sam Dean, Reece Houk, Mathew Stephens, Nick Revelos

    Glen Lewis, Arthur Lynn, Tripp Weaver


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  • Exciting News for Navigator Team

    Posted by Nicola Lees on 10/5/2015

    Sammy McClure Underwater Robotics Club has successfully competed in the MATE Regional Competitions in Savannah over the last few years and placed first and second in both the Navigator and Scout divisions. The 2015-2016 MATE regional competition will require the teams to explore the harsh environments of deep and outer space whilst collecting data and specimens, deploying and recovering critical equipment and photographing deep-water corals to assess their health.

    After lengthy discussions and planning, the Navigator team has decided to invest their resources in improving their underwater cameras and monitoring systems. In past competitions, the team has struggled with the loss of video feed due to either leaking cameras or connections in the ROV tether. To overcome this problem this year, the team will be using the Underwater Submersible Camera IP69 Water Proof camera CCTV Camera World.

    The waterproof security camera is submersible up to 100ft. The camera is compact and lightweight, therefore making placement on the ROV easy without interfering with the buoyancy of the vehicle. The camera has a 1/3” SONY CCD image sensor with 700 TVL resolution rating. This will provide a clear and crisp image as the teams ROV captures images of the deep-water corals. The camera has a 3.6mm lens for 80-degree angle view, which will help project clear images back to the monitor so that the team can navigate each mission successfully.

    The camera has a built in 100ft video cable, which will allow the team to connect the camera to the ROV and run it with the tether to the control box and works off a 12 V DC power source, meeting the MATE regional competitions specifications. This was one area that the team constantly had issues with in prior years, as the tether connectors from the camera to the power source and monitor were not sealed correctly and leaked, causing cameras and monitors to fail during critical missions.

    The team is excited with the new purchase and cannot wait to deploy the ROV with the underwater IP69 submersible camera.

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