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    Underwater Robotics Team (ROV)


    We are hosting the Robotics team in the Paulding County School District, during which students will learn to construct an underwater Robotics from the ground up through various activities. The Robotics team will allow the students to learn through a hands-on approach and introduce them to the basic concepts behind robotics focusing on ROVs. The program will be tied to lab experiments where students will work in small teams to build and test increasingly more complex mobile ROVs, which they will then enter into competitions. The program will focus on the basic fundamental concepts of ROVs including robot programming and sensors. 


    What is a ROV? An ROV is a remotely operated vehicle that is tethered to a ship, where “pilots” control their movement and action. ROVs are used in the installation, operation, and maintenance of ocean observing systems.


    The plan for the program is that the course will be developed into a series of labs where the students will weekly after school for 2 hours. The main goal of the program is ROV design, construction and maintenance. In the labs, ROV kits will be used in weekly exercises illustrating lecture material. The last month of the lab will be spent in applying the learned materials to a final project, in which they will design and build an ROV for final competition. The club is open to all 6th, 7th and 8th grade students of SMMS. Students will be selected based on grades and teacher input. We will meet every Tuesday 3:45 - 5:45 pm. 


    ROV Competition:  Students will compete in the regional MATE competition in 2017. The competition requires students to think for themselves as “entrepreneurs” and transform their teams into companies that manufacture, market, and sell “products”. In addition to engineering their ROVs, the students are required to prepare technical reports, poster displays, and engineering presentations that are delivered to working professionals who serve as competition judges. By connecting students with employers and professionals from the work place, the competitions also expose students to ocean-related career opportunities and help them see the pathway to those careers.



    Congratulations to SMMS and NPHS for their outstanding team work and effort this year in the MATE Regional 2016 Competition. 


    Silver Arrow Navigator Team




    Team Silver Arrow placed first in the Navigator MATE Regional 2016 Regional competition
    Sam Dean, Reece Houk, Matthew Stephens, Nick Revelos
    Glen Lewis, Arthur Lynn, Tripp Weaver



    Team Fusion Scout Division


    Team Fusion placed first in the Scout MATE Regional 2016 Regional competition
    Nathan Bowers, Davey Holsomback, Anthony Robinson, Ben Buzzelli, Brighton Allen, Michael Gnatiuk
    Andy Griggs, Jason Lees, Trey Lowe, Mathew Smith



    Sea Dragons Scout Division

    Team Sea Dragons placed third in the Scout MATE Regional 2016 Regional competition
    Ben Buzzelli, Jason Perez, Emily Mattison, Lilian Umberger, Tanner Highfield
    Boston Budner, Ashley Hunt, Nick Renteria, Jacob Scott





    High school Team, Lords of the Sea placed second in the Ranger MATE Regional 2016 Regional competition.
    Nick Garber, Michael Lees, Bryce Houk, Kyle Roberts, Trevor Jones, Bryce Roduguez






    McClure Middle School and North Paulding High School's Underwater Robotics Program participated in the South Eastern Regional ROV (Remote Operated Vehicles) Competition in Savannah on April 25th.  This is the North Campus's 3rd year to have a robotics program . The students learn to design, construct, program, and pilot underwater robots in this very exciting club. At the competition, the ROVs are lowered into a swimming pool and piloted by the students who are using a tethered remote control at the edge of the pool.  The teams are timed as they complete various underwater missions with their ROVs.  McClure Middle and North Paulding High School brought 3 trophies back with them from the competition!  The high school team came in 2nd Place in the Ranger Division.  McClure's Blue Team won 1st Place in the Navigator Division. McClure's Orange Team earned 2nd Place in the Scout Division. McClure's Red Team came in 3rd Place in the Scout Division. This is quite an accomplishment to earn this many trophies, and it is proof of all the hard work that they put in this year.