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May 3 newsletters

It is so exciting to be able to title this newsletter "Concert week!"


Here are concert need to knows:

Concert is Thursday May 6th

Location: Moses Middle School Gym (Townsend Performing Arts Center)​

It will start at 7:00, doors open at 6:45 (enter at gym doors, in back of building)

Students are to wear their short sleeved Chorus t-shirt, nice jeans, tennis shoes


Following our county Covid protocols:

Singers will wear their singing mask while singing

Audience members are encouraged to wear masks.

Two tickets per performer, tickets to be taken at the door.

Seating will be in alternating rows of the bleachers, and separated by family groups- singers will sit with their grade level

There will be tape on seats to indicate a "closed seat" or "closed row."

These are bleachers, so feel free to bring your stadium style seat if you need for your comfort.  

**Please contact me if there is a need for a chair on the floor for those who cannot navigate the steps of the bleachers!


At end of concert, please gather your student and exit the building quickly.  We ask that there be no lingering conversations between families and friends inside the building.  It isn't that I don't want you to enjoy time together, I just want to be able to have more concerts in the future!


If I have forgotten anything don't hesitate to ask!  I look forward to seeing you on Thursday!



This week your student will be adding symbols to their rhythm syllables.  At the end of the week they will have a summative rhythm performance due in Canvas.  I will be showing them how to record directly into Canvas during class on Tuesday.  We will also begin associating a value with our symbols.  There will be a formative quizlet due on Friday that gives practice at symbol/value association.


Face to Face milestone testing begins at the end of this week.  It does not affect our class meeting schedule this week, but it will affect us in the weeks to come.  We will still meet each Tuesday and Thursday, but occasionally at a different time.  Here is a run down for both the 6th and 7th grade class meeting changes.  All other Tuesdays and Thursdays will be at the normal time.  Please make a note of what may affect your child:


Tuesday May 11th- 7th grade conference at 2:50

Thursday May 13th- 6th grade conference at 2:50

Tuesday May 18th- 7th grade conference at 2:50


I will be sharing these changes with the students in our class, as well, but I know that having you "in the know" will give us a safety net if a student were to forget!



We will finish melodies on strings 4 and 3 on Tuesday, and will move to melodies on strings 2 and 1.  Students will receive Practice sheet CC this week and it will be due on Friday.  The sooner they test Practice sheet BB, which is due Tuesday, the more time they will have to prepare CC.