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April 26 newsletters


Exciting news!  We have a final performance scheduled for May 6th, and this will be a LIVE performance!  Please mark your calendars now to attend our end of the year performance at 7:00 on May 6th in the Moses gym.  


We are still limiting audience members to two per performer, seating will still be socially distanced, and we will ask for all to wear their masks BUT all grade levels will be performing at the same concert- no separate times!  


I am excited about this opportunity to bring live music back to Moses!




Students are working on a talent show type project for class.  Instructions have been given in class, many questions have been answered, and the deadline for performance is May 4th (in class).    Students will present to each other that day in class, and I will be choosing some to be performed at our concert May 6th.  Please help me by checking on your student's progress toward completing their project.  It is pretty open-ended; there is no choreography requirement, any type of music is acceptable (school appropriate words and content, of course, and they can work alone or in a group.  The only thing I am requiring is that there be karaoke style accompaniment music to go with their performance.  Many of these can be found on youtube or as free downloads in the internet.  There is no need to spend money on this project!




We start a new module this week which will cover basics of reading music.  This week we will focus on the difference between a steady beat and a rhythm, students will do a repeat after me exercise in class, and I will introduce some symbols.  


This module is ever changing, I have made changes to it multiple times in the past week as I prepared for this week, and am still not happy with where it is.  The idea of transitioning from teaching this face to face to a virtual class has me stumped!  I like to do some movement to explore beat vs. rhythm.  We will do some of that in class together on Tuesday and Thursday.  It might feel weird to your student to be up and moving while in a virtual class, but encourage them to join in.  I will have no way of knowing if they are doing it accurately (or at all) because they don't like to turn on their cameras!  


Currently (as of Monday) there is no assignment to complete- BUT there may be by Wednesday.  I ask that your student keep an eye on their announcements and their inbox, and I commit to sending you a quick email if I add an assignment.  




Royal Blues is now behind us and we focus strong on the notes we can play on strings 4 and 3.  We will be reviewing 6 and 5 in this process, noting the differences between notes of the same name, and preparing melodies using Practice sheet BB.


Students have already received this sheet and have begun exploring.  We will set a due date for the test on this sheet together in class Monday.