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April 19 newsletters

We continue to push through our songs this week.  The students have been doing a great job translating rhythm syllables to the words in the music, meaning their rhythm reading is really coming a long.  In 6th and 7th we continue to use pitch "flash cards" for the patterns we may see in the music, and then they translate that into the rhythms.  8th grade is using the rhythm syllables, also, but continue on with the pitch method they learned as 6th graders, which is numbers.  Music really is like reading a new language!


I will be assigning a new project today that will be worked on at home over the next few weeks.  I am picking something up one of our high schools does.  It is called a Glee project.  Students choose any appropriate song of their liking and prepare it for performance in class.  This can be as a group or as a solo.  Sometimes there is a theme, sometimes there is not.  This can be a scary moment for some which is why I will allow groups.  I will get a rubric and such put together for the classes so that we all have important information and understand expectations.  It is my hope that this activity will boost self confidence, help to begin reducing stage fright, and give an outlet for those who want to perform!  If we are lucky, maybe we will see some these at a final performance for the year.  Nothing is planned at this time- but I am working on it.




Extra credit has been graded and added to the previous assignments.  It does usually take a day for Canvas to update in Infinite Campus so you should see grades with added extra credit appear tomorrow.


This week we complete our Dangerous Decibels unit.  We have a final review activity in class on Tuesday and will take our test in class on Thursday.  


We have been using a website to complete these review activities and some students have had trouble running both the conference and the website.  My instructions to them have been to leave the conference when they are sure of the instructions, complete the activity, and then come back to the attendance discussion we have each class period.  I have only had two students who have told me they could not open the site at all due to security blocks on their personal devices.  Parents, check to see if you can make an adjustment to any blocking you have enacted on the device to allow your student on this website.  It is a secure site and offers multiple opportunities for review of the information.  Everything in the module is a possibility for the test.




I changed the deadline of Royal Blues Bass to Tuesday of this week.  By Friday I expect that Royal Blues will be played in partners, just like we did with Reggae Feet.  Adjusting this deadline puts a little behind but that is okay, we will deal with it!