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April 12 Newsletters


As we return to class this week we will spend some time talking together on Monday about our Spring Break, and will review what we already learned.  We will begin moving further in our song beginning Tuesday.  We are going to do as much as we can in the month of April because I am not certain at this time how testing will affect our schedule in May.


Thanks to Mrs. Martin, one of our wonderful counselors, I am attaching a couple of links that should take you to our LGPE recordings.  Thank you for your patience in receiving these!


6th Grade LGPE Performance


7th and 8th Grade LGPE Performance





I hope you and your students had a wonderful Spring Break​.  I look forward to seeing them again tomorrow as we get back in the swing of things.  


I have published an extra credit assignment in the Dangerous Decibels module.  It is open all week, and is due Friday.  Extra credit does not get reopened and cannot be turned in late.  The current grade in Infinite Campus should alert you as to whether or not your student may need extra credit.


Our activities this week will take place DURING our online classes.  I sent an announcement about that to the classes the Friday before break.  It will be very important that your student attends the entire class for both meetings this week.  If your student has an appointment or internet problems, please let me know and I will re-assign the work to them individually.


Last thing- starting today, anything turned in late from last 9 weeks will be given only half credit.  Anything I received over the break will be graded with normal credit, but anything received from today on that was assigned in the last 9 weeks will receive half credit.  





We will review everything we have done today at the beginning of class to wake our brains up from Spring Break.  I will be introducing notes on string 4 and 3 this week, as well as testing the Royal Blues Rhythm AND Bass.  Rhythm was assigned before break, and while most students took advantage of testing it before a  week off, not all did.  Rhythm is due Tuesday and Bass will be due Friday.