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March 29 newsletters


We are well into our new music for the end of the year.  6th and 7th grade are working on Safety Dance, which has very challenging rhythms.  It will seem kind of slow at first, but if they hang in with me we'll be having fun in no time!


8th grade voted on their final song for middle school, they will be working on Into the Unknown.  I hope to begin it today, depending on music delivery.


I am still at a loss on sharing the LGPE videos with you.  The files are too large to attach.  I am still working on it, thank you for your patience!




We are meeting MONDAY and Thursday this week, at our normal time.  Our meetings are different this week due to my absence on Tuesday.  I discussed this with your students in class last Thursday and sent out an early morning announcement this morning as a reminder.  If your student misses the conference they can watch the recording of it later.


This week we begin the summative portion of our Dangerous Decibels unit.  We will review all that we have learned so far and discuss the three ways to protect your hearing from Noise induced hearing loss.  Students have an infographic to create that will be due on Friday.  I am giving them a website they can use for free, or they can use Power Point or Word, or they can draw and color on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of copy paper.  





We will be working on Royal Blues all week, rhythm portion first followed by the bass.  Just like Reggae Feet, once both portions are tested students will partner together to play the whole song.  2nd year students are working on House of the Rising Sun using the PIMA fingerpicking style of playing.