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March 22 newsletters

Sorry for the late newsletter this week!  


I will be sending you the recordings of our performances last week.  They will have to come in separate emails because I am afraid the attachments may be too large to send together.  I am so proud of how hard each group worked to pull off our first live performance, and their hard work showed even through recorded medium!


We do have new projects in the works.  6th and 7th will combine to create something for the end of the year, and 8th grade will do an end of the year creation of their own.  We will be using a virtual component for this next presentation.  I will be creating an account for each student at  This is free and will be the program we use for our final product with both groups.


Be on the lookout for a couple of extra emails with attachments included! 



Sorry for the late newsletter, I was not at school on Monday!


This week we continue with our Dangerous Decibels module by learning what exactly is too loud for our ears to tolerate.  Both assignments will be done in class this week, but will be open through Friday for those who need to catch up.  If a student misses class, it will be important to watch the recording for important information to be used in the two assignments this week.


I am not at school on Tuesday of next week, which is our normal day to meet.  I will need to move our Tuesday meeting to Monday.  I know the students meet with their first connection class on Monday, but they meet at a different time.  Our class will meet right after 1st period, at our normal time.  It will only be for this one day, and we will return to normal on Thursday.  I will share this with the class tomorrow, but I wanted to make you aware ahead of time, as well, so that you can help your student.



I apologize for the late newsletter.


This week we are completing tests for Practice Sheet AA and beginning the D and A7 chords.  We will be playing a song called Royal Blues with these chords.  This song also utilizes a new strum called the blues shuffle.  As an added bonus, I am introducing the class to the PIMA style of finger plucking.