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March 8 Newsletters



Many important things happening this week:


All grade levels are polishing up the LGPE pieces they have been working so diligently on since January.  We are almst ready to record!


Regarding recording:

Final details are still being nailed down; here is what is definite:

  1. Recording will occur at EPHS, they have offered their theater.
  2. The date is Wednesday, March 17th (I know this will conflict with church for some)
  3. 6th grade will wear the short sleeved Chorus t-shirt and a nice pair of blue jeans- no holes please.  Judges will be watching our recording AS WELL AS listening.  There is a category where they address the physical presence of the Chorus.


  1. To minimize people in the theater​ we will record one group at a time.  At the time of this typing the specific group and time has not been nailed down.  To help me out, please plan on your student being at EPHS sometime between 5:45 and 7:45.  Each group will have a 45 minute time slot for recording beginning at 6:00, we just haven't determined who will go first yet.  I will update you as soon as I know.


Regarding conflicts:  I know there are going to be conflicts.  I am asking you to please not miss this recording.  Our groups are small and missing voices could contribute to a loss in confidence for those who are there.  Please begin having conversations now with coaches and instructors.  Perhaps a compromise can be reached regarding leaving early or coming late to a practice or session, if needed.  


In a normal year this would have been a field trip, as well as performance that would be mandatory.  I need all of us to think of this recording as our concert for this first half of the semester- we all need to be there!  





I have posted an article about hearing loss for your student to read before class tomorrow.  There are also 3 questions for them to answer in a text box response through Canvas.


They don't know it yet, but this will be their only assignment this week.  I will share this information with them in class on Tuesday.  I would like to give those who are very behind on their past assignments a time to catch up before report card grades are due.  


Missing work from January through February 12th (before break) can be completed and emailed to me.  It will not be submit-able via Canvas, but the assignments can still be viewed.  Because these assignments are so late I will be offering half credit for them.


Missing work from February 22nd through March 5th (last week) will be available for submission via Canvas.


All submissions must be in by 12:00 PM (noon) on March 12th.  I will need time to grade all of these missing assignments.  Turning them in earlier would be even better!


Don't forget that your student needs 5-6 pipe cleaners!  If you weren't able to get them last week you have another week!




We are in the process of combining the rhythm and the bass part of Reggae Feet together to create a more complete song.  This presents a new challenge to the class- each person playing MUST share a common steady beat!  We began this on Friday, and a couple of groups discovered what a challenge that can be.  The combined version of the song will be due on Thursday in class.


We will also be expanding our knowledge of the first position notes on strings 6 and 5.  This requires us to begin recognizing the notes on the staff, knowing what letter is represented by what location.  All of these notes are under the staff because they are so low in pitch.  We will be practicing recognizing the notes by decoding words spelled below the staff.  Your student will be given a practice page that we will work on simultaneously with Reggae Feet.