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March 1 newsletters



All Choruses are working hard to complete the two pieces chosen for LGPE.  That is Large Group Performance Evaluation.  In a normal world this would be a field trip we would attend where three judges would listen to us sing the chosen pieces and rate us from Superior to Poor.  We are attending this year, but via a recorded performance as field trips are not being allowed at this time.  I hope to have information this week regarding the recording we have to send in, and then I will send you information about how we will create our recording.  A few parents have offered assistance with recording and location.  I will be in touch with you when I have more information.




This week we will begin a unit called Dangerous Decibels.  We will spend three weeks in this unit.  For this week we will explore sound and vibrations.  There are vocabulary words in the module that your students will work through, as well as a couple of activities to complete.  As I mentioned to you last week there is a creation activity where your student will put together something from objects found at home.  Check in with them to make sure they have completed their work on time.  


All previous work is graded and Infinite Campus should be reflecting the correct grade after Monday night's update.  ​





We will complete Reggae Feet rhythm today, and begin the bass portion of the same song.  Students will be learning the bass notes on strings 5 and 6 in first position.  The bass portion of the song will be due Friday.​