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February 8 newsletters


Masks and shirts have been ordered.  I expect shirts after break, masks will take longer.  The email from the company said production wouldn't begin for 1-2 weeks after order.


This week we continue working on our first piece, and all choruses will be adding a second piece.  


I have registered all choruses for Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE).  This is an adjudicated event.  I liken it to a Georgia Milestone test in Chorus, but no written work.  We will be participating via recording- no field trip- but I felt your students have worked so hard to learn midst the pandemic that we need to show off what we can do.​  More details will come as I receive them.


Extra credit was offered last week and is due tonight at 11:59.  We discussed it in our live conference on Thursday.  It is accessible in last week's module in Canvas.  It is optional for any student who wishes to add points to their past assignments.


We begin a short module this week about etiquette.  This week's module will follow the "mark as done" format that we followed the first week.  It ends with a quiz that is due Friday.  It is important that the student read the article first and mark it as "done" in the upper right hand corner.  If they do not mark it the quiz will say it is locked because a pre-requisite has not been done.  If your student is struggling with this message, help them look for "mark as done".


Grades will be finalized tomorrow for the 4 1/2 week progress report.  Extra credit will help!



We will test Joshua (not Sailor) by Wednesday of this week.  If you see a zero in the grade book for this test that means your student did not take it by the due date.​  


We will also be starting the G chord this week.  This is historically one of our hardest chords.  Patience and perseverance will be key as we get through this one.  I will give tips that have helped over the years as we come across struggles.