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February 1 newsletters


Now the mask and shirt deadline has passed, I will be getting those orders placed this week.  Shirts will take about 14 days to arrive once they are ordered. masks can take 2-3 weeks or more depending on the company and the volume of orders they have.  


I continue to have masks available for students until their personal mask comes in!  No worries there!


We are pushing ahead in our music.  Each class is working to come away from the organizer for their piece and be directly in the music only.  6th grade amazed me today with their sight reading in a section we had not previously attempted before.


You have great kids, I am so lucky to be their teacher.​




We will finish our unit covering music and emotions this week.  We have a listening assignment in our live conference on Tuesday, and then the students will have one final assignment to turn in for this unit.  All previous assignments from the month of January are now closed.  ​The grade book is almost completely up to date.  I have two assignments left to grade.  Please check your student's grade in Infinite Campus.  There are many missing assignments for the month of January.




We will finish Ghost of Tom testing this week, and begin Drunken Sailor.  I introduced the E7 chord last week which Drunken Sailor puts into use.  We will begin a half note strum this week, as well. ​