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January 25 newsletters


The work we did as a virtual class last week will be built on in class this week.  Each student has an organizer and a piece of music that we are learning in class.  It is a slow process, but I have seen a much better understanding of the pitch and rhythm from all of my students. through using these organizers.


if your student is DLD, I am running a virtual conference concurrent with ​the class that is in the room with me.  This will allow your student to stay caught up on the work we are doing.  Conferences will begin at the same time as regularly scheduled classes.  They will also be recorded, provided I remember to start the recording!


The last day to order PPE or Chorus attire is February 1st.  I will order everything at one time to save on shipping and set up fees from the various vendors.  Please take care of any needs your student may have.  



My Music Projects were due last Friday at 11:59.  The project is open all week this week for those who have not yet submitted to turn in for a late grade.  Encourage your student to get this taken care of early this week because they do have an assignment for this week, as well.


This week we will respond to music.  Your student will have a number of choices of music to listen to, and they will create a story they think the music is telling.  This is very similar to the method the Disney movie ​Fantasia​ was created; the music came first, and led the animators to imagine what story the music told.  We will see a short clip from ​Fantasia​ in our conference on Tuesday.


I will have specific guidelines for the students to follow on this assignment, which will be discussed in our conference on Tuesday.  We will discuss a rubric for grading in our conference on Thursday.  They can then use the rubric to help them create their final draft.  If a student turns something in early, I give them feedback regarding anything that needs to be edited for the most points possible.   I sent an announcement to them via Canvas last night with a suggested timeline for getting the assignment done.  ​



In Guitar this week we will continue to work on our Am/Em chord progression.  Ghost of Tom will be assigned Monday and will be Due Friday.  I will introduce E7 and some music vocabulary/ symbols this week, as well.


If your student took a guitar home for the virtual week last week they need to remember to bring it back.  It can be brought back to the classroom during homeroom.  If a student ever needs to bring their instrument home they can do so, they just have to remember to bring it back! ​