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January 19 newsletters


Virtual meeting times are posted on the home page of the Canvas class for Chorus.  Listed for each day is what your student will need for the class. Classes will be recorded (if I remember to click record) so they can be watched later.


We will be working on the song we are currently studying in class.  Tune in for virtual chorus- its all the rage!​


We will be attempting to keep moving forward in Guitar.  If your student was at school Friday they were sent home with their guitar unless they told me they had one at home.


If your student needs a guitar:  Contact me ASAP and I will make it happen.  It will mean someone meets me at school at a certain time so I can hand those to you.  ​They will bring the guitar back when we return to campus.


Canvas class got messed up.  If your student had already turned in an assignment it is gone and I cannot recover it.  There was a labeling guitar test for those who had missed it in person.  I have to re-add it to the class, and it will need to be submitted again. (Sooooo sorry, it is out of my hands!)



I discussed the "mark as done" issue with both classes in conference today.  Assignments that did not get completed on time last week have been reopened until tomorrow night (Wednesday).  Your student will still have to follow the "mark as done" procedure to complete the assignments.


This week your student should be working on their summative project, due on Friday.  They have two choices, both laid out for them in the module we are currently working on.  There is an instruction sheet for both choices, a rubric to look at and guide them, as well as an example of each project in the module.​