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    Thank you for visiting this webpage.  As a temporary communication tool, you will find information such as resources for class, test and quiz dates here for your student's World Geography class.  For any reference sheets or study guides, please have your student ask the teacher for those printed materials.  


    New Quizizz Code:  288588
    New quizzizz code - 572206.
    Announcement - Unit test on Friday Nov. 3rd
    Please take quiz Wednesday night for homework on link https://join.quizizz.com/, use code 386864.
    Thank you! Hopefully I will be able to update at the end of the day tomorrow. 


    Study tools:

    Quizlet Unit 4:  Economic Vocab Study Guide for Quiz

    Class Notes for Economic Vocabulary: Economics Vocabulary Class Notes

    Economic vocab squares

    Comparing Economic Economies

    Economic Scenarios


    Quizizz:     Unit 3 Test Review    And use the game code  568905

    Quizlet:     Unit 3


    Upcoming Quizes and Tests


    To be announced 

    Past Quizes and Tests:

    09/18:  Quiz on Europe's Languages and Religions

                Constitution Day Information / Activity

    09/20:  Test on Unit 2 which is Europe's History (please see the teacher for your study guide)

                1.  European map both the political and physical maps;

                2.  Environmental Issues which includes Chernobyl, Acid Rain and the Great Smog;

                3.  Push / Pull Factors (Climate, location, and natural resources); 

                4.  Europe's Languages (Germanic, Slavic, and Romance); and 

                5.  Europe's Religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam).