• Translations in Google Chrome

    How to make a change in Google Chrome SETTINGS to make translating pages super easy!

    1. Look at top right corner of a page in Chrome and click the three dots.

    2. Select SETTINGS 

    3. Scroll to bottom of page and select "Advanced"

    4. In the LANGUAGE box, click the drop down arrow.

    5. Click "Add Language" and a new box will open.  Select the language you need.

    6.  To the right of  "Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read" --click the slide button so it is ON.

    7. Exit settings and return to a web page you want to translate.

    8. Now, when on any web page, you can right click anywhere on the page and see a drop down box with an option to translate the page to the language you selected.  You can also return to the original language using this box.

    9. You will also notice that a little "bug" with a "g" has been added in the right end of your address bar.  You can also click here to get the option to translate.