> Correct Capitalization (especially “I”)

    > Correct punctuation (end punctuation and at the end of sentences)

    > Use only complete sentences

    > Indent every paragraph

    > NO texting language

    > Correct spelling

    > Proper introduction and conclusion

    > Correct use of homonyms

    > Correct pronoun/antecedent agreement

    > Varied transitions

  • H.A.T.S. Off to Writing


    Hook: Find a hook to start your response, mention the title/author (if appropriate), rephrase the question/prompt.

    Answer: Answer the question. This will be the thesis for your response. Address the prompt to compare/contrast, defend, prove, etc.

    Textual Evidence: Cite evidence from the text that supports your view. Explain how it supports your thesis statement.

    Summarize: End the response by using a key word or phrase from the text that supports your central idea.