Mission & Vision

  • Our Purpose
    As stakeholders, we believe it is our privilege to inspire each student to think, learn, achieve, and care. Academically, we will provide a rigorous learning environment with supportive instruction that challenges and motivates learners to strive for excellence. Socially, we will lay the foundation for students to embrace the determination required to be successful in all areas of life through a "growth mindset" and G.R.I.T., Goals, Respect, Integrity, and Team Work. Additionally, we will provide our students with learning experiences that help them to master academic content, as well as, develop skills necessary to navigate this incredibly challenging time of their lives. Vocationally, we will continue to expose our students to a variety of available opportunities and career pathways. We feel our purpose is to empower students academically, socially and vocationally to participate in a global community.
    Our Mission
    The mission of Scoggins Middle School is to prepare ALL students for success.
    Our Vision
    The vision of Scoggins Middle School is to provide a safe, healthy, supportive environment focused on learning and committed to high academic achievement. Through the shared responsibility of all stakeholders, students will be prepared as lifelong learners and as participating, contributing members of our dynamic and diverse community.