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    My name is Ms. Sigler and science is my favorite subject to teach! Science welcomes the curious mind. It offers an opportunity for us to discover solutions to problems that answer questions about the world around us. What are you curious about?

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    I also have a love for music. My insterests include a vast range of genres. Lastly,  I have the cutest fury, four-legged friend in the world, and he loves to decorate my home with his stuffed animals! Smile! Fun Times


    At P. B. Ritch, I piloted the Robotics Club and several other extra-curricular activities such as the annual trip to Six Flags and the trip to Florida where my students, colleagues, and I swim with Manatees! These sea herbivores weigh over 450 kilograms. That's more than 1,000lbs...about the size of a cow!  I support all stakeholders in education as a leader in Georgia Association for Educators.


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