• Welcome to P.B. Ritch Middle School Art! Welcome to P.B. Ritch Middle School Art!

     The focus of middle school art is experimentation and building creative thinking skills by:

    • synthesizing ideas in original and surprising ways
    • asking new questions to build upon an idea
    • brainstorming multiple solutions to problems
    • communicating ideas in new and innovative ways

    At P.B. Ritch, students build design technical skills in a variety of art media. As they grow as artists in the program, students are encouraged to build upon those skills to solve visual problems individually and collaboratively. 

    Students are asked to think critically about art by responding to examples from art history, considering art within a cultural context, and their understandings of the purposes of art. Students practice media, techniques and processes when creating their own art projects. Students formally critique their work and the work of others looking for aesthetic merit, craftsmanship, and personal meaning.