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EPMS Students Recognized for Heroism

EPMS Students Come To Aid of Bus Driver

At the Oct. 12, 2021 Board of Education regular meeting, the school board recognized two 7th grade students from East Paulding Middle School whose heroic actions helped manage a crisis situation.
Two weeks ago, Conner Doss, Kane Daugherty, and many of their schoolmates were on their way to school when their bus driver experienced a medical emergency and had to pull the bus over to the side of the road. Seeing something was wrong, Conner and Kane tended to the bus driver. The driver was unable to communicate, so Kane used the bus radio to contact the Transportation dispatcher and gave her the bus number. The dispatcher was able to locate the bus using GPS and immediately called 911, and then called the bus driver's cell phone. The driver was able to hand the phone to Kane who answered and was able to converse with the dispatcher and share information about the driver's condition.
Meanwhile, Conner helped calm the frightened and confused students who were extremely worried about the situation and their bus driver. Conner helped to relocate scared students to the back of the bus, and encouraged all of the students to remain calm until help arrived, which it did a short time later. Fortunately, the bus driver received prompt medical assistance and is recovering today.
Both Conner and Kane deserve commendation for their quick thinking and calm actions under stressful conditions. These two students are outstanding representatives of the character traits that are taught and emphasized in all Paulding County schools. The Paulding County School District and East Paulding Middle School are extremely proud of Conner and Kane for their heroic actions during a crisis.
Pictured left to right:
Trey Studstill, Senior Executive Director of Transportation
Kane Daugherty, 7th Grade East Paulding Middle School
Conner Doss, 7th Grade East Paulding Middle School
Tom Alverson, Principal East Paulding Middle School
Transportation staff who assisted during the event are:
Traci Dyches, Assistant Director of Transportation
Rhonda Davis, Routing Specialist
Samantha Maddox, Field Coordinator
Lauren Gregory, Field Coordinator