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    Art Room at Ragsdale 



    The last day of session 1 art club has been moved to Wednesday, December 14th due to a scheduling issue. Students will stay from 2:45 till 3:45 on that day. This will be the last day of Art Club for this session. Completed Clay projects will be sent home Monday, December 19th.

    Dates for the next Art Club group will be:

    Monday - Jan 8 - (sketch clay tile designs)

    Monday - Jan 23 - (prepare clay slabs)

    Monday - Jan 30 - (transfer designs to clay)

    Monday - Feb 13 - (paint final clay pieces)

    Dates for the final Art Club group will be:

    Monday - Mar 6 - (sketch clay tile designs)

    Monday - Mar 13 - (prepare clay slabs)

    Monday - Mar 27 - (transfer designs to clay)

    Monday - Apr 17 - (paint final clay pieces)

    It is important that all students attend their art club session dates to avoid having an incomplete project. Thank you so much for your support of Ragsdale and the Arts.  

    Also, please visit our parent resource room when you are visiting the building to see what we have available for you to use as great resources with your child.