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    Groups include:
    Third Grade Reading-we do an Interactive Read Aloud.  This is a guided Reading lesson, where the teacher reads the text aloud and supports the students with specific skills including Vocabulary.
    First Grade: Multi-syllabic groups-these students are learning how to divide words into syllables to determine their meaning.  These students are also reading chapter books and writing to show comprehension.
    Fourth Grade:  Fourth graders are working on Science concepts to learn their Science requirements as well as improving their Reading skills.
    Second Graders are working on phonics skills to improve their Reading.
    First Grade Math-these students rotate through "centers" that provide extra practice and clarification with Math skills.   
    Third Grade Math-students work to improve basic Math skills. 

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  • For information about all of the classes I work with please see Mrs. Rod's EIP Classes.

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