I began my teaching career at SPMS in 2014 and am beginning my seventh school year! I work alongside Ms. Cloud as a sponsor for the Student Leadership Team, which focuses on boosting student and staff morale by providing fun and exciting opportunities for all. 


    I knew I wanted to be a teacher from a young age. This is partly because I come from a long line of educators and partly a result of having excellent teachers who helped me discover my passion for learning. My decision was solidified after my 5th grade year because my teacher, Mr. Porterfield, was exactly the type of teacher I knew I wanted to be. He was patient, compassionate, hilarious, kind to all, yet stern when he needed to be. I cannot remember a time when he raised his voice to resolve an issue, but he always had control of his classroom and was respected by all of his students. Mr. Porterfield made learning fun by telling stories that accompanied with whatever we were learning each day. His passion for learning and teaching ignited a passion in his students as well. 

    As an educator, I pride myself on building positive relationships with my students that allow them to feel confident and comfortable in my classroom. Together, we build an atmosphere that encourages students to voice their opinions, ask questions, and express their creativity while emphasizing tolerance for diversity. 

    MeritI received my Bachelor's degree in secondary English education from the University of North Georgia, located in Dahlonega, GA, in 2013. 

    Piedmont College to Add Football Program in Spring 2020 (April ... I graduated from Piedmont College in 2019 with my Master's degree in secondary English education.