Dr. Vladimir Labossiere - Director

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    Dr. Vladimir Labossiere is a career administrator working with the Paulding County School District in the position of Director of New Hope Education Center. The New Hope Education Center (NHEC) encompasses numerous programs such as PCSD’s alternative education center, named Phoenix. PCSD’s dropout prevention program, named ALFAS. PCSD’s K-12 virtual school, named the Paulding Virtual Academy. PCSD’s career academy, named the Paulding College and Career Academy. As the administrator of NHEC, Dr. Labossiere guides the daily operations of the programs and staff.

    The programs at NHEC serves to supports students that are better fitted to receive their academics via nontraditional methods compared to the general education experience. Student enrolled at NHEC have greater flexibility in their schedules and higher levels of expectations. Dr. Labossiere’s passion is to push the limits of academic attainment for all students to achieve at their individual best. To achieve this goal, Dr. Labossiere believes schools should be flexible enough to adjust to each student’s educational attainment style, should set high expectations and should maximize each student’s individualized academic achievement based upon their individual strengths.