About UES

About Union Elementary

  • Union Elementary is one of the oldest of the nineteen elementary schools in the Paulding County School District. Our school was originally established in the 1860's. There were originally two wooden structures located behind the present building. Both those structures burned and an additional wooden building was constructed to house students. That building was still in existence when our current building was added to the property in the 1950's. Since Union's opening in its current location in the 1950's, we have experienced much growth and the diversity of our school's population has changed significantly. During the 2003-2004 school year, Lillian C. Poole Elementary opened and approximately half of Union's student body was redistricted there. Following that opening, Union's student body again continued to increase each year. By the end of 2008, Union's student enrollment had dramatically increased to just over 650 students. The following year, Sara M. Ragsdale Elementary opened, relieving the growth at Union. Again with that opening, approximately 200 Union students were redistricted along with several staff members. Since that time, our student body has again grown each year to our current enrollment of 475. Union Elementary serves students in kindergarten through fifth grade.



    School Information
    206 Highway 101 South
    Temple, GA 30179 
    Principal: Blake Keown
    Assistant Principal: Endea Hudgins

    Important Phone Numbers
    Front Office: 770-443-4191
    Fax: 770-459-5436