Elizabeth Becraft:

    This is my 15th year teaching. I have taught EIP, third grade, fifth grade, and Interrelated Special Education. I taught 13 years at Nebo Elementary before I came to McGarity. I am originally from Buffalo, New York and I have an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education as well as Special Education with a concentration in Mathematics from NiagaraUniversity in Niagara Falls, New York. I received my master’s degree in Interrelated Special Education from Kennesaw State University. I also have my specialist degree in Curriculm and Educational Leadership from PiedmontCollege. I have a wonderful husband, Scott, and a Chocolate Lab. named Bailey. We have two children, Anthony and Alexandria.


    I believe that as a teacher it is my responsibility to educate children so they can become mature, successful adults with a respect for education and the strength it provides. In order to accomplish this goal I need to teach children how to take care of themselves emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. I also need to teach students how to use the information learned in school and apply it to real life. I also need to teach skills to mastery to ensure life long learning. With the assistance of parents all of these goals can be met.