• For the protection of students and to comply with state laws, all visitors must sign in at the main office immediately upon arriving at the school.
    • The sign-in process utilizes the Raptor computer program. You will be prompted to enter name, birthday and destination. A personalized visitor name tag will be automatically printed. Visitors should wear this nametag for the duration of their visit. Upon leaving, visitors should sign out using the same computer.
    • All staff members wear photo ID or nametags. Any person without a visitor pass or staff ID will be approached and required to report to the office.
    • If you will be visiting the school for an extended period of time, please park in the large parking lot to the right of the school. There are two spaces reserved in the front of the building for those staying 10 minutes or less. Please do not park in reserved spaces.



    • A warm welcome is extended to all parents and community members wishing to volunteer at Roberts. Whether you can donate four hours a week or two hours a month, we want you to know how much your time and energy is needed and appreciated.
    • Like all visitors, volunteers must sign in at the main office immediately upon arrival at the school.
    • Please make arrangements with your child’s teacher before coming in to volunteer, that way they can have work ready for you.
    • We discourage volunteers from bringing along younger siblings. If it is unavoidable, please keep them with you at all times and monitor their behavior so that they do not disrupt the classroom.